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Independent representation makes the difference – as independent healthcare consultants we do not represent the medical schemes, but rather have your best interest at heart. We take all the guesswork out of the equation, as we already know and understand all the available medical schemes, and can best advise what will work for you and your employees.

Getting great advice about the most appropriate medical scheme is not enough – you also need practical assistance to navigate this very complicated industry. Cedar Healthcare offers a personal member care line service where your call is directly answered by a friendly agent – taking ownership of your enquiry until resolved to your satisfaction.

15,000 clients

30 years of experience

Empowering Employer Groups Resized

Empowering Employer Groups

Advising the employer of the most appropriate medical scheme for their profile and healthcare requirements. Supplementing the shortcomings in their medical aid benefits with additional products.

Keeping you informed of industry trends and dynamically reporting on prevalent service trends.

Representing employees

Representing the individual at Medical Schemes, Administrators & Healthcare Providers (Doctors, Hospitals, etc) to facilitate authorisations and resolve claim- and administrative issues.

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Service with a personal touch Resized

Service with a personal touch

Employees and their dependents have access to a dedicated member care line where you speak to a person immediately, without waiting in a queue.

Employees can request to speak to a specific agent again and the agent stays dedicated to your enquiry until resolved to your satisfaction.

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