What we offer

Advice and support to Employer Groups

  • The best advice on all the Schemes available to you and your employees.
  • Introduction to all supplementary products beneficial to you, such as Gap Cover and Primary Care.
  • Keeping you up to date with Prevalent Industry trends .
  • Coordinating Wellness days in conjunction with management.
  • Support HR with member enquiries.
  • Assisting the employer with the monitoring and finalization of new applications.
  • Conducting inducting sessions with new employees.
  • Dynamically reporting on service trends within the employer.

Advice and support to Employees

  • Access to a dedicated Member Care Line.
  • Assistance to onboard new members.
  • Education of available benefits and procedures.
  • Representing the individual at Medical Schemes, Administrators & Healthcare Providers (Doctors, Hospitals, etc) to facilitate authorisations and resolve claim- and administrative issues.

A Member Care Line with a Personal touch

  • No interactive Artificial-voice systems.
  • Employees and their dependents have access to a dedicated member care line where you speak to a person immediately, without waiting in a queue.
  • Employees can request to speak to a specific agent again and the agent stays dedicated to your enquiry until resolved to your satisfaction.
  • We endeavour to keep you informed of progress with your enquiry, you will never need to call us again.

We represent several prevalent Open Medical Schemes and Restricted Medical Schemes; and continue to add value to this day.